Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Travelling Lightly

I'm squeezing my 28 minutes between dinner and a night out. This means that I've not got the time or the inclination to do any school work tonight. Consequently I have left all my marking/planning and my school laptop at work and stepped out into the gorgeous sunshine with just my handbag slung over my shoulder.

I've had a bit of time to do this in the last month and have tried to embrace it without the feeling of dread or guilt that often accompanies a night off. I wonder why we do that. I'm lucky that tomorrow I'm only there until recess as I'm 0.8 and this is one of my short days. I know that I'm ready for the morning lesson but not so ready for Friday's. I will have to do some work tomorrow but it seems the right balance.

As teachers we are constantly balancing our personal time with the work we need to do to be ready for class. When we have high standards of our teaching it can often be difficult to let go and take time for ourselves. This is especially true for me at the moment. I feel that some of my classes are not what I want them to be. I'm grappling with balancing student management issues with preparing engaging lessons. There's a level of trust that is missing with some students that is holding me back. It seems when I get one part working something else upsets the status quo. Today it was a new student and the change this made to the way students treated each other. I had my lesson planned but all went out the window. I find myself hoping as I walked into each class that I've got it right and he students will join in. If only they would, I know they will learn and they will enjoy things more.

For some reason today's lesson was particularly upsetting but I'm forever grateful to the wonderful coordinators and sub school leaders who continue to help me work through things with these students. I'll probably get things right just as I'm leaving.....in June.

So, tonight, I travel lightly. I'm taking some time out so I don't think about it for at least one night. I hope next time that I'm travelling lightly because I've had the most wonderful lesson.


  1. It's a great idea to take home only the work you can do, rather than a pile of stuff that you can't do. Achieving goals makes us feel good, looking at a pile of what still needs to be done is energy-sapping. Enjoy the evening, Di!

  2. True Phil, just working out what work you can do is sometimes difficult. I tend to think I can do more than I have the motivation to do!