Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Days to go...

"5 Days to go" said +Tom Barrett 's email.   I was a little surprised, a little relieved and a little curious. Surprised because I thought I had longer, relieved because I thought I had longer and curious because I wondered what I might do once the #28daysofwriting ends.

I'm planning to go on blogging but probably not every day. I've been determined to not miss a day and expect to accomplish this but I wonder what will happen when I'm not part of a group that has a focus and a goal. I'm a team player so I don't like to let the team down. I'm a committed person so I'm dogged when a challenge has been set and I'm reflective. I wonder what I will do in March.

I've seen a few posts about commenting on blogs and I want to start trying to do that. It's the comments that are most meaningful and yet I've done very little of it myself. I feel buoyed when I get some feedback and while I have read a few others blogs when I see a catchy heading or when a colleague posts I haven't provided that boost too often that I know enhances the experience of the blogger. I try to trick myself into thinking this is because I've little time but honestly, n the moment, I'm hesitant about my feedback. I'm not a wordsmith, my writings are simple not complex and I struggle to put into words the thoughts in my head and so, I lack the confidence to respond. It's a funny thing that when I was asked in Tom's survey why I hadn't blogged before I stated that I lacked confidence. A funny thing for someone who would appear to others as fairly forthright and confident. But it's true. It's similar to when I tell people that I'm a bit shy. It's hard to believe, but it's true.

I've come full circle then in this experience. I'm a lot more confident about my blogging since I grew to understand that my words were for me and my growth in the first instance. Perhaps for March I need to start commenting on others' blogs. Not #28minutesofcomments but possibly #2-8minutesofcomments.

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