Thursday, 26 February 2015

A quick reflection with 2 days to go

There's three more posts in #28daysofwriting including this one so, with all good projects some reflection is needed. Over the next few days I'll reflect on what I've learnt and where to from here.

It's an early call but barring a tragedy I'll have blogged for 28 days straight and for 28 minutes each day. I think I've stuck to the 28 minutes most days and have a feel for when the time is up. I've found the time limit to be hugely beneficial for a newbie blogger. It was long enough to think about what I was writing, to pause as I wrote and ponder what I would put down next.  It was short enough for me to feel I could manage the task and, even when I had no ideas, I could still write (waffle) about something.

From reading a few other blogs I got ideas of what I could write about but mostly I stuck with what was happening in my life and occasionally I branched out and wrote on an educational theme. I think I was lucky that I'd just moved to a new school in regional Victoria so I had plenty of new experiences to use as a source of inspiration. I've tried not to think about who, if anyone was reading it but was always heartened when anyone left a comment or retweeted my musings.

The thought that there were others in this with me helped me to write each night and build up a habit. I won't be writing everyday after Saturday but I will be maintaining my blog. It's something I wanted to do this year anyway so this month has helped me get in the habit and start writing without worrying too much about it. I originally stated that a lack of confidence prevented me from blogging before and I think I've gone a long way to overcoming that and t really is only an attitudinal change. I was the student that wanted to get everything right and wanted to do things well. I've not lost this too much over the years I've just got better at failing and learning. This blog is another example of this....I've taken a risk, failed, learnt, taken a risk, failed, a beautiful, recurring decimal.

It's been fun sometimes, a chore at others but mostly just a chance to have a go at something different. That epitomises this year for me.

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